Vespa wins over China's heart

The new Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint are unveiled at a huge party in Shanghai

The new Vespa apparel collection is also presented to reinforce the positioning of the brand in the lifestyle world. Vespa is an ambassador of Italian style and design in the world and  China, which is one of the most fertile and promising markets in the premium segment.

Shanghai, 14 May 2024 – The new Vespa Primavera 150 and Vespa Sprint 150 made their début to the Chinese market with a great event held in Shanghai, at the Shangsheng-Xinsuo (the Columbia Circle), a new cultural point of reference for the Chinese city, which  fuses culture, design, Italian style and fashion.

Participating at this event were stars in the Asian world and institutions, including the General Consul of Italy in Shanghai, Tiziana D’Angelo.

The triumphant evening in Shanghai confirms how Vespa, an authentically global brand, is increasingly more beloved all over the world. Owning a Vespa has always been a choice of style, beyond fashions and trends, as well as an expression of the owner’s personality.

In addition to the new Vespa models, the brand new Vespa DEC apparel collection was presented. Inspired by the Piaggio factory and museum, this new collection is the expression of the Vespa brand in the lifestyle world, highlighting the finest details of Italian style.

Vespa has always been a global brand, bringing together generations of continents and different cultures, and today, with more than 19 million units sold all over the world from 1946 to the present, it is an extraordinary ambassador of Italian style, design, and technology. The new Vespa Primavera and Sprint represent Vespa’s youngest and most metropolitan soul.

The new Vespa models introduce new materials and painstaking craftsmanship with the  details further elevating the global quality of the product finish. The superstructures on the handlebar and leg shield back plate are all new and the seat has been improved thanks to the use of new coverings. The new instrument panel and the full LED lighting once again demonstrate Vespa’s undisputed technological leadership.

Vespa World Days 2024: a record-setting edition

Over 20 thousand Vespas arrived in Pontedera from five continents and more thank 30 thousand Vespisti with them 

Pontedera, 21 April 2024 – Vespa World Days 2024: a record turnout and a special edition celebrating 140 years of Piaggio. For the first time, the annual rally of Vespa Clubs from all over the world took place in Pontedera, the town where Vespa was founded and where Vespas have been produced since 1946.
An estimated 30,000-plus Vespa lovers and around 20,000 Vespas flocked from far and wide. Attendees from all over Europe came, with the traditional lively presence of visitors from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria and Switzerland turning out in particularly large numbers. Other continents were also well represented with Vespa fans coming from further afield, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines, the USA, Canada and Colombia. In total, Vespa Clubs from 55 nations were officially represented.

The Vespa Parade: A spectacle never before seen in 70 years of rallies

Saturday’s grand Vespa Parade broke all records with more than 15,000 Vespas starting off from Pontedera then snaking their way around the Valdera Hills. This extraordinary 16-km colourful serpentine also represented Vespa’s rich history. Leading the parade was a special Vespa GTS 300 in the colours and emblems of the Polizia di Stato (Italian State Police), donated by Piaggio at the opening of the Vespa World Days event. Also among the front pack was television personality, record producer and ardent Vespa fan Rudy Zerbi, astride a brilliant Vespa Gtv 300
All the models manufactured in seventy-eight years of Vespa history paraded through the streets of the Pisa province, from the first and extremely rare 98cc made in 1946 all the way to the latest versions of Vespa Primavera, Sprint and GTS, with legendary models in between such as the early ’50s era 125 “faro basso”, the widespread VBB ranges, the 1964 50cc units, the ET3 125 units, the ’70s era Rally machines, and a steadily growing number of Vespa PX units.

The Vespa Village, the historic Piaggio Museum and the centre of Pontedera star during Vespa World Days
Along with the grand parade, one of the other key events held at the Vespa Village was the Elegance Competition, an unforgettable procession of elegantly dressed riders and passengers on some of the rarest and most stunning Vespas ever produced.
The entire town took part, transforming locations with parties and Vespa-related events from photography and art exhibitions to a cinematic special which saw a continuous repeat of three of the numerous films featuring Vespas: Disney-Pixar’s Luca, the iconic Roman Holiday, and the television biopic Enrico Piaggio, an Italian Dream.
During the festivities, both the Piaggio Museum and Vespa factory were swamped with thousands of visitors every day. Various spaces of the museum became temporary offices of the Vespa Historic Register, an entity founded in 1980 with the aim of safeguarding and spreading Vespa’s heritage. The museum’s auditorium hosted meet&greet sessions which allowed fans to mingle with designers and engineers involved in producing Vespa vehicles, and to learn the secrets behind the world’ most famous and beloved two wheelers.

The exclusive Vespa 140th of Piaggio celebrates the company’s 140th anniversary.

Only 140 units of this numbered edition featuring a special celebratory plaque and a design that pairs the Piaggio colours with the iconic Vespa lines have been produced. Starting from a Vespa GTV base, the classic forms that evoke the Vespa heritage have been respected via a balance between myth and modernity, with the low headlight and exposed tubular handlebar combining with sports-style finishing touches and hi-tech bells and whistles. This very special version features blue graphics against a white body, along with the classic Vespa graphic, new monogram and 140th anniversary logo.

The event came to a close with the Vespa Trophy, the touring trophy where the Clubs are called on to demonstrate the stops along their journey to Pontedera with photos and special stamps in their Travel Books.

The Vespa World Club and National Vespa Clubs

The Vespa legend was created at the same time as the scooter burst onto the scene and even as far back as 1946, many were keen to be associated with the Vespa name. And so, the first Vespa Clubs were founded, originally in Italy then spreading abroad, sparking an enduring passion that led to the creation, in 2006, of the Vespa World Club, marking the 60th anniversary of Vespa.
Today, the Vespa World Club encompasses 66 countries.

Vespa World Days 2025 will be hosted by the city of Gijón, located in Spain, in Asturias, with the Atlantic Ocean providing the splendid backdrop.

Vespa GTS & GTV 300 Promotion

Purchase a GTV 300, GTS 300, GTS Super 300, GTS Super Tech 300 or GTS Super Sport 300 and upon registration of your new scooter you will receive a bonus of £750.

Ts&Cs apply 

Legal notices

T&Cs apply. Registration bonus applies against vehicle RRP. Available at participating UK retailers only. No cash alternative. £750 bonus applies to new registered Vespa GTV 300, GTS 300, GTS Super 300, GTS Super Tech 300 or GTS Super Sport 300 Versions.  Can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.  Valid for private purchases only made from 15.05.2024 – 30.06.2024.  Vehicle must be paid for and registered by 30.06.24.  

GTV 300 EURO 5

GTV 300 EURO 5


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GTS Super 300 Tech Euro 5

GTS Super 300 Tech Euro 5


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Vespa GTS 125 Promotion

Purchase a GTS 125, GTS Super 125, GTS Super Tech 125 or GTS Super Sport 125 and upon registration of your new scooter you will receive a bonus of £500.

Ts&Cs apply 

Legal notices

T&Cs apply. Registration bonus applies against vehicle RRP. Available at participating UK retailers only. No cash alternative. £500 bonus applies to new registered Vespa GTS 125, GTS Super 125, GTS Super Tech 125 or GTS Super Sport 125 Versions.  Can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.  Valid for private purchases only made from 15.05.2024 – 30.06.2024.  Vehicle must be paid for and registered by 30.06.24.  

GTS 125 Euro 5

GTS 125 Euro 5


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GTS Super 125 Euro 5


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Primavera & Sprint 125cc Promotion

Purchase a Primavera 125 including Colour Vibe & Touring or a Sprint S 125 2023 version and upon registration of your new scooter you will receive a bonus of £500.

Ts&Cs apply 

Legal notices

T&Cs apply. Registration bonus applies against vehicle RRP. Available at participating UK retailers only. No cash alternative. £500 bonus applies to new registered Vespa Sprint and Primavera 2023 models including Color Vibe, Picnic, Touring & S only with the exclusion of Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa and EU 5+ 2024 Versions.  Can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.  Valid for private purchases only made from 15.05.2024 – 30.06.2024.  Vehicle must be paid for and registered by 30.06.24.  

Sprint 125 S Euro 5+

Sprint 125 S Euro 5+


An exciting collaboration

Two iconic brands meet in a limited edition collaboration that celebrates a very special anniversary:

Vespa presents Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa.

A special anniversary

Today these two timeless icons come together on a special project for Disney100, with Vespa paying homage to this anniversary through a global collaboration of the two unique brands with a Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa.

Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa

For this collaboration, the Vespa Primavera 50cc and 125cc are coloured black, red, white and yellow, the same hues that have
characterized Walt Disney’s most famous mouse.

A wonderful travel companion

The yellow wheels are reminiscent of Mickey Mouse’s shoes, while the black mirrors recall his unmistakable round ears. A graphic pattern outlining the character’s silhouette decorates both sides of the scooter as well as the front. Finally, Mickey Mouse’s signature could not be missed, featured on both the saddle and the front shell.



Young, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly: Vespa Primavera is an iconic symbol of its times that zips through twenty-first century streets with the same agility and dynamism today as the original legend that revolutionised urban mobility during the Swinging Sixties.



Vespa history keeps forging ahead to capture future generations. Discover the completely revamped design and advanced technology of Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S. Italian-made and innovative, Vespa has introduced the latest generation of electric models. With a wide selection of options at your finger tips, you can personalise your new two-wheeler with your preferred colours and accessories to reflect your style.

An Italian Style Icon

1960’s elegance with the new LEGO® Vespa 125

Get a taste of genuine Italian style with the new LEGO® Vespa 125 model inspired by the iconic Vespa Piaggio. This elegant 1,106 piece set is designed to help style lovers find a moment of mindfulness through LEGO building as they step back in time to create this elegant display piece.

The new LEGO model pays tribute to the original Vespa with its pastel pale blue colour which resembles one of the first colours of this Italian icon. Fans can further celebrate the heritage of the set by adding a classic 1960s Italian licence plate and the Vespa logo.

Like the original this model is full of beautiful details and sophisticated design touches. From a bunch of flowers in the bike’s basket to the spare wheel, it also has a brick-built engine, kickstand and working steering, this model is sure to be one that is displayed with pride in your home or office to create your own tribute to Vespa.

“Working with the Vespa team to create this stunning automotive masterpiece was an incredible experience. Recreating the details of the original model to celebrate the classic 1960’s Vespa was one of my favourite parts of designing this set. The set offered me a chance to step back in time and let my imagination flow while designing, and we hope the experience is the same for fans.” said Florian Muller, Senior Designer at the LEGO Group.

Marco Lambri, Head of the Piaggio Group Design Centre: “Working with the LEGO Group was an extraordinary experience, because it brought together two dreams – the LEGO brand and Vespa. Two outstanding brands able to span different ages, always able to reinvent themselves because they have the capacity to unite and to build in their DNA. As designers, the challenge was to have the soft shapes of Vespa coexist with the form of Lego bricks, a challenge I believe we met with flying colours.”

The LEGO Vespa 125 will be available from, LEGO Stores and other retailers globally from March 1st.

VESPA 946 



Founded in the same year, in 1946, the Italian brand and the Parisian couture house are linked by their creative vision.

Today, more than ever, the Dior and Vespa collaboration reinvents the spirt of freedom, movement and expression.

Born from passion, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior is a blend of subtle graphic lines and sleek architecture which pays tribute to the heritage of the two houses.  A symbol of refinement, this object of desire reflects the shared commitment to the excellence of savoir-faire and the virtuoso art of detail.

A contemporary version of the iconic Vespa 946 – presented in 2012 in Milan and recognised for its elegant streamlined curves and technological innovation. The new model was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of Dior's Women's  collections.  The scooter is made in Italy, adhering to the standards, quality and precision of a couture atelier.

These limited-edition creations will launch in 2021 in Dior boutiques around the world.


Vespa takes us on a journey between reality and imagination

Since its origin, Vespa has transported us into colourful and carefree journeys – places that we could only dream of. Vespa has also always been synonymous with exuberance and it’s capable of “putting things in motion.” This same positive energy comes through in the all-new Disney and Pixar animated film, Luca, streaming on Disney+ starting June 18th. The film features the type of early, fundamental friendship that helps someone grow and ultimately develop into a better version of themselves. And throughout the film, Vespa acts as a symbol of this positive message.

The special collaboration with Disney and Pixar for Luca, in which Vespa tugs at the heartstrings of children and adults alike, comes as Vespa celebrates its 75th birthday. Vespa’s role in the film seems natural and represents the ultimate expression of freedom for the main characters as they set out to experience life above the surface and acquire a Vespa of their own.

The colourfulness that distinguishes Vespa is not only expressed in the vehicles themselves, but also through the personalities of those who choose to ride: interesting people who are young at heart and love to travel (both literally, as well as with their imagination).

So it's no surprise that Vespa is featured in Disney and Pixar’s Luca, which coincides with the biggest Vespa celebration to date!

Disney and Pixar’s Luca captures all the colours of summertime, which is full of sun and endless holidays. It’s these same colours that make us smile when we think of riding our Vespa home from the beach with the sea salt still on our skin.

However, Luca and Vespa have something else in common, a love of iconic 'Italianism.'

Like Vespa, Luca director Enrico Casarosa is Italian and has gained international success through his work: directing and producing animated films that win over adults and children around the world!

In a tale like Luca, the ability to thrill and move an audience comes through naturally, albeit with typical Italian style! The film celebrates memories that last a lifetime, thanks to the power of friendship, and it explores themes such as discovery and adventure, which arise from developing the courage to take risks and being open to new experiences. Throughout the film, Vespa becomes the protagonist’s ally during his adventurous journey, and ultimately represents a concentration of the character’s deepest values.

Because Vespa transports you to the happy places of your youth in a way that makes you feel forever young, it creates a unifying experience under the banner of friendship that lets you discover the world and expand your life. Vespa offers you the freedom to be yourself and enjoy adventure, especially with the unforgettable Italian style that we see rooted in the Ligurian land and culture depicted in Luca.

To see it for yourself, stream Luca now on Disney+ and enjoy the film

Vespa Racing Sixties

Vespa Racing Sixties


The Sixties was a legendary decade for racing and motoring history. This mix of sportiness, the love of speed and racing success from this era was the inspiration behind the GTS Super Racing Sixties. Original new graphics which make a stylish statement and a choice of racing green body work with contrasting yellow decals or a bright white with bold striking red stripes.

A brand new saddle, gold coloured wheel rims and matt black trims are the perfect accents to highlight the sporty style of this model. Choose from either a 125 or 300cc engine.

The inspiration behind the Vespa Racing Sixties series is the “gentlemen riders” who raced in the sixties, a decade when freedom of expression extended to how you personalised your vehicle. Riders were filled with a spirit for independence, going to great lengths to recruit the perfect teams, select the right races and choose the perfect look for their scooters.

Colours and graphics often had a connection to the riders country of origin or the brand that had supported them. When it comes to the Vespa Racing Sixties special series the style choices echo the exploits of those legendary sporting personalities and the events that made them become so iconic, such as the Monaco and Monza Grand Prix or the historic Targa Florio endurance race.

Which is why the Racing Sixties Special Series, with its striking new liveries are a combination of sporting colours with bold graphics and exclusive details.

Vespa Elettrica is recognised at the Compasso d’Oro awards



With the implementation of electric technology, Vespa confirms its status as a timeless icon and a symbol of the future.  The 26th ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards saw the Vespa Elettrica receive an honourable mention and a prestigious acknowledgment to recognise excellence in global design.  The international judging panel described the scooter with high regard “Vespa Elettica confirms the innovative, pioneering spirt of Vespa, a unique and unmistakeable brand in the global mobility market”.

The unrivalled modern icon of Italian style and technology, the Vespa Elettrica is synonymous with advanced connectivity, noiselessness, unique design, customisation, affordability and last but not least, respect for the environment.  These values are not new to the Vespa brand, but have never been more comprehensively expressed than with the Elettrica which confirms the brand's stand as a step ahead of its time.

Founded in 1954, the ADI Compasso d'Oro (Golden Compass) awards are the oldest and most widely respected in the design world. The brain child of Gio Ponti, they were introduced as a way to recognise outstanding Italian design. Since 1964, ADI (Association of Industrial Design) has managed the awards, ensuring integrity and impartiality. In over half a century, almost 300 winning items and 2000 products / designs that have received an Honourable Mention have been gathered and kept in the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award Historical Collection.

Recipients of the Compasso d'Oro award are chosen based on pre-selections made by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory.  This consists of a committee of experts, designers, critics, historians, specialist journalists, members and non-members of the ADI, all of whom gather year after year to evaluate and select the best products which are then published in the annual ADI Design Index.

This is not the first time that Piaggio Group has been recognised by ADI and the Compasso d'Oro, they where also awarded in the nineties and also received an Honourable mention for the Vespa 946 in 2016.

This year's award ceremony took place in the new ADI Design Museum in Milan, where the Vespa Elettrica will be on display until 16th September, together with all of the other products that were part of the 2020 competition.

For further information or details about visiting the “26th Compasso d'Oro – Putting down roots” exhibition visit

The design of the Vespa Elettrica is in keeping with the iconic style that has won the hearts of generations of people throughout its 75 year history. Like other Vespas the Elettrica has the same high quality steel body which is finished in an exclusive grey. Available in either 45 km/h or 70 km/h versions and categorised as a moped this stunning scooter is perfect for urban travel or for those wanting to go further afield.



It's time to get back on the move! In a time when rules are changing and distance are more important than ever, there really is no better travel companion than Vespa.

The world's most beloved scooter is resurrecting the iconic “Lets Vespa” slogan exactly 70 years after it was first launched.  At the time Europe was embarking on a post-war reconstruction and was in the initial stages of the economic boom.  Vespa represented the return not only of mobility, but more fundamentally freedom.

Seven decades on, what does “Lets Vespa” mean today? Its the call to reclaim freedom and the ability to move around independently in total safety.  It means each of us taking control of the distance we maintain, opting to avoid queues, traffic and crowds. With Vespa this can be accomplished in style.

The new campaign by BBH London highlights Vespa's link with the world of art, with contributions from four renowned artists from the international graphic design scene. English artist Paul Thurlby, Quentine Monge of France, Sebastian Curi from Argentina and Italian Agostino Lacurci have created their own take on themes that celebrate the reconnection between human beings and some acts or rituals that had to be foregone during lockdown.

The first version of Lets Vespa was launched in 1950 and featured the artwork of Nino Ferenzi (also know as Ferencich), with later versions coming from high profile names in the advertising world including Bernard Villemot of France and the Italian Zambelli.  The message was clear; Vespa was the new way to get around, faster, easier and more affordable than a car.

“Let’s Vespa” signified a linguistic revolution, creating a verb from the name of a brand and going on to be used in legendary campaigns such as “Chi Vespa mangia le mele” [Who Vespa eats the apples] and a decade later “Giovane chi Vespa” [The young who Vespa].

Over the years Vespa's advertising messages continued to break the mould, with posters often becoming keepsakes and souvenirs of personal adventures and important moments. Since 1946, when the first scooter was produced, over 18 million Vespas have followed, creating an extraordinary passion and community all over the world.    Vespa has seamlessly navigated across all social classes, lead revolutions in clothing and music. Through the good times and the bad, Vespa has become the world's leading brand when it comes to getting around and a symbol of global freedom.

Vespamania: Our Love for Josh Rogers

Vespa has been winning the hearts of fans for 75 years. We recently spent some time chatting with Josh Rogers, a US-based collector.

As an icon of design, Vespa has become a universal symbol of Italian style. With a storied past and an eye on the future, Vespa speaks to people regardless of age or location. Choosing to ride a Vespa is not a decision rooted in purely practical needs as Vespa transcends function and exudes a type of stylish, lighthearted, joyful lifestyle.

That’s why Vespa riders are not just fans of the brand, but often become enthusiasts of all things Vespa, as we saw in Josh Rogers.

Earlier this summer, Josh invited us to visit his collection of Vespas in San Jose, California. His garage is filled with Vespas. He owns a specialized collection of Vespas including some of the rarest models produced, and he is always searching for the next find. For Josh, collecting Vespas is akin to owning a piece of history. His collection encompasses models spanning decades, engines and colors, and he also has a vast treasure trove of memorabilia, including posters, gadgets, pins, games and other novelty items.

Josh’s passion began when he bought his first Vespa at age 18, after noticing one after a ska concert and falling in love with its visual design and the sound of its engine.  “I think I went from being a driver to a collector the moment when I bought my second model,” he notes.

His love for Vespa has spilled over into other aspects of his life, including a community of other Vespa enthusiasts .
“I like driving them, I like collecting them, and thanks to them I’ve made some wonderful friendships. Passion is my driving force,” he notes.

Whenever Josh has found a rare, old Vespa, he works with a specialized mechanic to restore them to near perfect original condition. Once the restoration is done, the hunt for the next scooter begins because, as he says, you can never have too many Vespas.”

His personal “holy grail” is the 1946 Vespa 98 model, inscribed on the Historical Register: the third Vespa model made in the history of the brand. It’s rarity and museum-quality allows him to refer to the model as “the Bugatti of scooters.”

One model that stands out and makes him feel the sexiest is the Vespa GS Cushman, a model he has used when riding round trip from San Jose to Morro Bay in California.

For several years now Josh has been the president of VCOF, the Vespa Club of America, whose members share a passion for scooters and for spending time together at various conventions and events. “My collection is a reflection of the relationships I’ve built over time and the people I’ve met,” he says.

Thanks, Josh! We hope you will continue to find more treasures to restore.




Los Angeles (USA), 6 September 2019 – Sean Wotherspoon and Vespa have announced a partnership to create a new style: bold, irreverent and fun, for those who express a unique and youthful spirit in and beyond the urban environment.

The Piaggio Group has always had a keen eye for the ever-changing trends and experiences that motivate and inspire today’s generations. Sean Wotherspoon seemed like the perfect partner to share and implement innovative ideas.

Sean Wotherspoon is one of the rising stars of youth fashion in the USA. Pure energy, unstoppable and curious; a forerunner, an experimenter, a fanatic of street culture and of everything it can encompass.


Instagram is the world through which he communicates and shares his passion, and his almost one million followers adore him. As the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers that made him famous testify,Wotherspoon plays with colors, mixing them together and adding innovative and sometimes unlikely materials together with the most disparate fabrics.

Promoting this culture of color Sean Wotherspoon’s mission and the endeavor with Vespa came naturally. The idea that immediately fascinated the designer starts from a “vintage” soul perfectly revisited in a contemporary key, as the DNA of the Vespa brand demands. The partnership aims to create a community of individuals around the brand who want to have fun not only with personal fashion tastes, but also, and above all, by making style and carefree enjoyment their primary colors on the streets. No brand outside of Vespa could interpret this challenge better and more consistently.

So Wotherspoon will define the aesthetic standards of a special and limited-edition Vespa Primavera further complimented with a dedicated helmet and an exclusive streetwear capsule collection. The first results of this creative process will be presented in November 2019 at EICMA in Milan, with the collection, that is already exciting Vespa enthusiasts and fans of Sean Wotherspoon, being released globally in Spring 2020.

 Sean Wotherspoon did not hide his enthusiasm about the partnership“Based on their immense history and heritage I’m beyond excited to start work with Vespa/Piaggio. I’m going to dig as deep as possible to help re-create these memories and re-imagine them through my lens to share with everyone! This is going to be insane! Stay tuned!”

“We are delighted to begin working with Sean,” said Michele Colaninno. “He is one of the most gifted and creative designers in the USA. We immediately struck up a great rapport and there is no question that something spectacular will come out of this….This is only the beginning of a series of collaborations starting soon that will bring Vespa and our other fantastic brands like Moto Guzzi and Aprilia into even greater contact with the world of design and fashion, where they naturally belong.”


About Sean Wotherspoon

In 2013, Sean along with two friends opened Round Two in Richmond, Virginia, a store destined to become legendary in a matter of months. Today, there are Round Two stores in all the leading US cities. The passion for sneakers and sportswear of the past decades, the love for creativity and color that characterized the 80s and 90s and then a revolutionary and irrepressible creative verve are the basis of a global success that led Sean to collaborate first with Nike and then with giants like Disney, Prince, Lacoste and Galleries Lafayette.


About Vespa

It was 1946 when Vespa made its debut on the roads of a Europe devastated by the recent conflict but, equally, full of creativity and a desire for renewal. After seventy-three years of history and over eighteen million scooters, Vespa is a global reference for style, elegance and technology. A brand known and loved all over the world that, with more than one and a half million vehicles produced in the last decade, is experiencing one of the most fortunate and dynamic periods in its story.


Auto Trader has named the Vespa GTS 300 hpe SuperTech as the Best Scooter in its annual Best Bike Awards.

As the judges’ favourite in the hotly contested Scooter category, the GTS 300 hpe SuperTech beat competition from BMW and Honda to win the award. When asked about the winning bike, Guest Judge Jon Quirk said, “Vespa is the only scooter company that manages to elevate a seemingly ordinary device into a functional art form. The GTS 300 remains the definitive scooter with its unique style and, in HPE form, improved performance. It remains a class act.”

Simon Greenacre, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Vespa/Piaggio Group in the UK said, “It’s great to see the newest member of the Vespa GTS family getting this kind of recognition. The GTS 300 hpe SuperTech is the most powerful Vespa we’ve ever made and is also packed with technology to make it a joy to use own and use, so we're pleased that it carries the GTS name forwards with this award.”

New for 2019, the SuperTech is the flagship GTS 300 hpe and the latest addition to the Vespa GTS 300 range. Featuring a colour TFT display with smartphone connectivity and a new high-performance engine (hpe), the most powerful seen on a Vespa with over 23 hp, the new SuperTech is the flagship Vespa, a model that carries Vespa’s style, heritage and hostroy of riding pleasure in to the future with while being packed with technology and innovation.

Vespa Celebrates the Year of the Dragon in Hong Kong

Vespa, the timeless icon of Italian lifestyle and a free spirit, ushers in a new era with the exclusive limited-edition Vespa 946 Dragon and matching varsity jacket in honour of the Year of the Dragon.

The iconic brand brings its distinctive Italian edge on the road, harnessing the power of the dragon, a mythological creature that holds unparalleled force and is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, with a dedicated Lunar New Year celebration event in Hong Kong last night, January 24. Hosted at mixed-use arts and design hub PMQ, guests included friends of the brand Thai actor Bright, actress and model Kanyawee Songmuang, nicknamed Thanaerng, and Hong Kong native singer MC Cheung among others.


Greeted by an immersive neon light tunnel, guests stepped into the world of Vespa where they had an exclusive opportunity to preview the Vespa 946 Dragon on display in a customised neon green cargo container. Live DJ performance by DJ Xiaolin added to the excitement and vibrancy of the evening.

Key fashion and lifestyle influencers, socialites, and VIPs were in attendance including Thai superstar Bright, Hong Kong pop singer and idol MC Cheung, along with Thai model, actress and style icon Thanaerng. Vespa’s inaugural fashion item, an exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket, made its debut on superstar Bright. Drawing from the Vespa 946 Dragon’s design, the ribbed wool and Nappa leather-sleeved varsity jacket features a dragon motif in emerald green alongside prints and embroideries on the left pocket and back panel.