V9 MY 21



Packed with new technology and engineering excellence, this is not a bike for anyone trying to keep a low profile.

With the completely overhauled twin-cylinder 850cc, 65 hp, 73 Nm engine and advanced frame, riding thrills are taken to a whole new level, while on the looks side, new finishes, foot pegs and saddle deliver all the style you’d expect from a bike sporting the Mandello eagle.
After all, it’s not by chance that Moto Guzzi custom bikes have been among the world’s most popular and beloved for over 100 years. Generations have revered their unique design and of course, at the heart of each is the legendary twin-cylinder 90° V-engine engine.
A century of tenaciousness, passion and testing come together in the V9 Roamer andV9 Bobber, to deliver an unbeatable combination of outstanding riding pleasure and showstopping style.


Both models are available in a reduced-power variant to meet the criteria of a learner's or beginner's licence, meaning even young riders can enjoy the thrill of a V9. However, be warned, it may be hard to prise them off the saddle!


An intuitive and universal custom, the V9 Roamer is a dream to ride, packed with unique features and stunning finishes.


The dark soul of Moto Guzzi, the V9 Bobber sports oversize tyres and alluring, sleek lines.

A remarkable engine

The most evident change is the new 850cc, 65 hp and 73 Nm engine. Sharing the same pedigree as the V85 TT, it delivers lively performance and is ably abetted by an improved frame that has been strengthened in the headstock area to increase stability and riding precision.

Sheer sophistication

Vibrations are a distant memory, with comfort taken to the nth degree. There is all you could ask of and more, with functions such as ABS and MGCT adjustable traction control, which you can also choose to disable. On top of this, the V9 Bobber boasts new a new digital instrument panel and a full-LED lighting system that highlights the silhouette of the Mandello eagle

All you need for great adventures

And of course, there are plenty of accessories to add that extra wow touch to both models, starting with the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia system that connects your phone and bike to create a multi-functional onboard computer.


Style in abundance

The V9 Roamer comes in Grigio Lunare, an elegant shade of grey with glossy mudguards, fuel tank and side panels. Whether parked or in full flight on the road, it’s sure to attract admiring glances.

The V9 Bobber is available in Nero Essenziale, in keeping with its dark, nocturnal spirit, a characteristic that is further emphasised through the absence of any milling on the cylinder fins which are also totally black.