More than fifty years after the launch of its first unit, Moto Guzzi is proud to present a new and important evolution of the V7.  As well as a total revamp, this model will for the first time since 2007 be known as simply V7 and will drop the previously used Roman numerals from its name.  The adhering character and authenticity of this bike will remain intact, as these features are classic, will not date and are part of Moto Guzzi's make up.

After years of great success, a new V7 is born.
The new, high-performance, 850cc, 65HP engine makes its début

The new V7 is faster, more comfortable and better equipped, whilst maintaining all the character and authenticity that every Moto Guzzi boasts

V7 will also be available in a reduced-power version, in line with  A2 license restrictions and is ideal for new Guzzisti. It will also come with adjustable MGCT traction control as standard (which can also be disabled).

Two versions are available, V7 Stone with its strong minimalistic style, is joined by the V7 Special, with its classic and elegant lines.

V7 Stone is available in four satin-finish colour schemes: Nero Ruvido, Azzurro Ghiaccio and Arancione Rame to which is added the special Centenary graphic, commemorating the first hundred years of life of the Larian brand, born in 1921.


Half a century of incredible emotions

The V7 is never afraid to rewrite history, even after more than 50 years since it roared onto the scene.  The world-revered Italian motorcycle icon maybe getting a celebratory makeover, but fear not the character and personality that’s made it such a timeless masterpiece will remain untouched.

A new Moto Guzzi engine makes its debut on the new V7, a close derivative of the one that powers the V85 TT.  This is the most recent and modern drive built in Mandello, which guarantees better performance and overall greater efficiency in order to provide maximum riding pleasure, fun and reliability.

Compared to the previous version, the new addition from Mandello is generally more complete in terms of equipment and demonstrates superior maturity, also evident in the aesthetic impact of the larger engine, which stands out for its generously sized exhaust pipes in a different layout; the view  from the rear highlights the larger cardan final drive, the wider rear wheel and the robust Kayaba shock absorbers.

The frame has been enhanced with the addition of steel elements in the headstock area.  The new shock absorbers have greater travel and the new two-tier saddle / rider foot pegs ensure greater comfort.