23 November, Milan, Italy – Six spectacular Fast Endurance races, featuring the best Italian circuits starting in Vallelunga and finishing in Misano. The new Moto Guzzi V7 with 850cc engine, outfitted with GCourse racing kit and Pirelli tyres, makes its track debut. The tried and true V7 III bikes are also on the grid in a separate category.


After three extraordinarily successful seasons with no fewer than 30 teams on every starting grid in 2021, the Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance Trophy – dedicated to riders who want to venture into riding in spectacular “fast endurance” races inspired by the legendary races of yesteryear – is back in 2022 with a big addition. For the fourth edition of the Eagle single-brand championship, the new Moto Guzzi V7 “racing” version will make its début.


With a market launch in early 2021 and wildly popular with the general public straight away, so much that it was one of the most sold bikes in Italy, the latest generation of the best seller from Mandello – equipped with the new 850 cc twin-cylinder and revamped chassis architecture – will be the protagonist of the Cup, promising even higher performance and more fun for all participants.


The equipment package that transforms the new Moto Guzzi V7 into the racing version, compulsory to participate and the same for everyone, is developed, as always, at the skilled hands of the Guareschi brothers, the historic Moto Guzzi tuners who created the GCorse Racing Kit dedicated to the new V7.

The result is an even faster and higher performance bike with better frame and suspension qualities that make it more stable and precise. This increases performance and the thrills on the track, but the features which have made the Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance so successful remain unchanged, making it possible for anyone to get into racing: the new V7 “Trofeo” is still easy, accessible, and suited for any rider.


In the 2022 edition, riders will still be able to use the “racing” version of the Moto Guzzi V7 III, protagonist of the first three years of the single-brand championship. An easier and more accessible alternative for anyone wanting to have fun on the track or for those who want to get one more year out of the investment made in the previous seasons.

The teams on the “seven-fifty” from Mandello with GCorse Racing Kits will race along with all the others, but a specific race and championship category will be dedicated to them.


Last, but not least, for 2022, the invaluable collaboration with Pirelli has been confirmed, sole supplier of the single-brand trophy. All the V7 machines on the grid will be shod with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS, racing tyres developed specifically for the Moto Guzzi V7 and which have proven to perform extremely well in any condition.


The new Moto Guzzi V7's track début is not the only significant change in the 2022 Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance. After a three-year period of constant growth which culminated with the recognition of the prestigious FIM European Cup title, assigned for the first time precisely in Moto Guzzi's centennial year, the Eagle single-brand championship is ready for another significant step up in quality, scheduling rounds on four of the most spectacular and fascinating tracks in Italy. These “new entries” are the Cremona Circuit and the fantastic hills of Mugello, the temple of speed for any motorcycling enthusiast.


The cup will feature six “mini endurance” races:

  • Vallelunga (14, 15 May): two 60-minute races
  • Cremona Circuit (17 July): 90-minute race
  • Mugello (28 August): 90-minute race
  • Misano (15, 16 October): 90-minute night race (day 1), 60-minute race (day 2)

The first Misano race will be held at night with the floodlights (and V7 headlights) illuminating the track. The new addition of the night race will give participants the opportunity to experience another type of thrill usually reserved for a few lucky riders.


Every race weekend includes two timed practice sessions, 20 minutes long each for every rider. The average of the best times achieved by the two riders on the team will determine the starting position of each team on the grid for the race or for both in the case of weekends with double races.

A clear throwback to the legendary endurance races of old is represented by the race start, which takes place in “Le Mans” style, in other words, with the bikes lined up on one side of the track and the riders having to cross the asphalt at the start to jump in the saddle and begin the race.

In the race, each rider can ride for no more than 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes to return to pit lane from the time the special “change” board is displayed). This means that the race is livened up by at least three or five rider changes on pit lane, depending on whether it is a 60 or 90 minute race. Refuelling is not permitted. At the end of the race, points are awarded to the top 15 teams.


Participating in the Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance championship is the most fun way to discover your competitive side and to get a taste of the great sense of belonging generated by the Moto Guzzi brand. In total “Guzzista” style, the format of the race weekends combines sporting competition with an extremely social atmosphere. They will be weekends to cultivate friendships and sharing, which have always characterised the healthiest of sports. The Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance championship is made for everyone to have fun, from track novices all the way to the most seasoned racers.


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